Healthy Youth Better Ghana (HYBG) is a non-profit organization set up with the following aims:

  • Building the nation by focusing on the health of the populace

  • Advocating for health reforms 

  • Helping to improve health coverage and access especially to underserved individuals and areas 

  • Arm the average Ghanaian with adequate drug and medical information to help curb drug and medication errors and reduce drug resistance and drug abuse.

  • Assist in the education of health professionals by providing scholarships to brilliant but needy students

  • Boost public health knowledge and involvement by providing opportunities to Ghanaians to enable them gain experience in the public health field.

We Are




Health Screening Upcoming !!!

Venue -McCarthy Hill 

Date - March (Day will be announced soon!)

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The Team

Dr. Eric Agyemfra

...is a dedicated young medic with a great aspirations be a top neurosurgeon world wide. he enjoys volunteering to help the less privileged in society and is a wonderful asset to the team